US officials call for immediate end to deadly vaccine outbreak

US officials have called for an immediate end and a “robust” investigation into the outbreak of a deadly vaccine virus that has killed hundreds of people in the US.

A group of top US health officials sent a letter to US president-elect Donald Trump and the nation’s governors asking them to halt any efforts to further vaccinate people.

The letter said it was sent as part of the Trump administration’s efforts to halt a pandemic that has already killed more than 1,300 people and displaced nearly 3 million others, many of them children.

It called on Trump to stop his “vacuum cleaner” approach to vaccine access, which the letter said was causing needless harm to the people of the United States.

“We call on you to stop this policy of political pandemic inoculation and to halt all vaccine administration activities,” the letter says.

“This is not only unwise, but it is dangerous.

We urge you to immediately and forcefully reverse these decisions and stop the vaccination programs that have been killing Americans.”‘

Catch-22′ as government responds to outbreak of EVD virus The letter was sent on Tuesday and included a list of “viable” options that could be used to further halt the spread of EVM, or human coronavirus, as the virus has spread from Africa to the United Kingdom.

But the US government has said it is “not in a position to respond” to the letter, which was released by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on Monday.

It said the federal government would continue to provide vaccine coverage to the vast majority of Americans who receive it and would not consider expanding it to other people.

“We have no reason to believe that the US population is less likely to develop the coronaviruses that have caused the current pandemic, nor that there will be a sudden and unexpected increase in EVM cases among those who do,” the CDC said in a statement.

“Nor are we in a state of war with the EVM virus, and we have a robust plan to fight it.”

It said US coronaviral control and testing programs had prevented more than 10,000 cases in the United State since March.

“Our current coronavirotosis control efforts are working to eliminate the threat posed by the EVMs, and this is the only way to protect our communities from the threat of EVMs and other coronavids,” the agency said.

But the United Nations said it has not yet seen evidence of EVMM infection in people.

The US vaccine coverage program, the largest in the world, is one of the few ways to prevent the spread and transmission of EVs.

“It is an important opportunity to address this serious pandemic and prevent further spread of coronavireptavirus,” US health department spokesman Dr David Thomas told Reuters news agency.

‘We’re getting closer’ to reaching a vaccine agreement with ChinaDr Thomas said there were still “several” months until the US and China could reach a vaccine deal, but said there was “still time” to act.

Earlier this month, China’s President Xi Jinping told the United Nation’s General Assembly that it would be “very difficult” for the US to reach an agreement with the Chinese government on vaccine access.

He said the vaccine could only be made available to those with US visas.

But US officials said China was “very close” to reaching an agreement, and they said there would be no new US sanctions against Beijing until it did.

“The US and Chinese governments have been negotiating a deal since the beginning of this year,” CDC deputy director of public affairs Dr Christopher Jorgensen told Reuters.

“They are now working together on a number of issues.”

Dr Jorgenson said the US was still “very, very close” but that it had to wait for China to make an agreement.

He added: “The United States and China have not made an agreement yet.

There’s still time to make one, and I think the president is ready to do that.”

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