How to help Georgia fight the Zika virus

Georgia is preparing for a potential outbreak of the Zika-linked coronavirus, which is expected to hit the state soon, and is using its resources to help protect people and property from the spread of the virus.

State health officials have issued mandatory vaccinations for children, pregnant women, adults and people with compromised immune systems, including those with compromised heart and lungs.

But officials have not provided any guidelines for people with certain health conditions, including people with AIDS or cancer.

The Department of Health and Human Services has released a guide for people who have health problems that could make them more vulnerable to the coronaviruses spread.

“We are very concerned about the spread and we are going to continue to monitor the situation and be ready to react if necessary,” Dr. David Hensley, Georgia’s chief medical officer, told ABC News on Sunday.

The CDC’s latest update from the most recent National Household Survey said more than 5 million people had tested positive for the coronivirus.

There are also 2.7 million cases of the coronovirus in the U.S. That includes 1.9 million people who had a blood test and 1.6 million who had another blood test.

In addition to the mandatory vaccinations, officials are working to vaccinate more than 400,000 Georgia residents.

They’re also working to develop a plan to prevent coronaviral transmission from the state’s Zika-stricken areas.

Georgia Governor Nathan Deal and Georgia’s Health and Hospitals Secretary David Jones said they are looking into the possibility of setting up a regional coordination center to coordinate efforts across the state.

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