Vaccine meningoitis vaccine efficacy may improve after moderna vaccine

A new study of a vaccine developed in China that was developed by moderna is finding that it can help protect meningococcal vaccine recipients against a novel variant of the pandemic.

The vaccine, which was made by the Chinese firm XianGard, appears to protect people at higher than expected levels against the pandemics new coronavirus variant MRSA.

The study was published today in the journal Nature.

The study found that a single dose of the vaccine, given to nearly 4,000 men, is able to protect up to half of them.

The researchers said that the findings are encouraging, given that the pandemaker variant is being detected in more people.

“The effect of the new vaccine on protection was very encouraging,” Dr James Koehl, the study’s senior author and a professor at the University of Michigan, told the BBC.

“It appears to be more than we expected, and this is a good sign for future vaccines that could be more effective in terms of protection of people from the pandems pandemic variant MRVA.”MRVA is the pandemate variant of meningitic illness that caused over 1,000 deaths in China last year, and which has also infected thousands of children in the US and Europe.

The virus has also spread to the Philippines, where more than 300 people have been infected and the World Health Organization estimates that as many as 3.5 million people may have been exposed to it.

“We think this new variant is going to be very important to reduce the burden on the public and to reduce transmission,” Dr Koehls said.

The new vaccine has been tested on mice, and the results are expected in late 2019.

In addition to being able to help prevent meningites, the vaccine appears to reduce MRVA infections and increase survival for those who take it.

The US Food and Drug Administration said earlier this year that it was ready to approve the vaccine for use in people who have not had a MRVA infection.

“This vaccine has a very high level of safety and efficacy, and our safety data indicates that the benefits of this vaccine are consistent with the clinical trial data, and in line with previous human trials,” said Dr David Anderson, an FDA spokesman.

“In summary, the FDA is very pleased to see that this vaccine, and all the other vaccines currently in development, have shown safety and effectiveness.”

Dr Koehn said that there were some limitations to the study, which only looked at meningits protective effect on the virus.

“However, we believe that this study shows that the effect of moderna MRVA vaccination on meningitis protective effect is more than expected,” he said.

“There is a potential that this new vaccine will be able to be used in humans with other infections.”

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