Vaccine maker Astrazeneca has been ordered to stop distributing the coronavirus vaccine in Florida

A Florida jury on Thursday awarded a former pharmacy technician $75 million for $1.3 million in wrongful death damages to a woman who died from the coronivirus flu.

The jury’s award of damages in the wrongful death suit against Astrazenec Corp. came as the U.S. Supreme Court ruled Friday that the National Institutes of Health must disclose the names of the more than 4,000 scientists and researchers who participated in the development of the flu vaccine.

“This award is a victory for the families of the late Mary Ann Fitzgerald and her family,” U.T. Professor David K. Bienkowski, a virologist and associate professor of bioethics at Duke University, said in a statement.

Bienkowski is one of more than 200 members of the jury who found Astrazenech liable in Fitzgerald’s death, saying the company had a “serious duty” to inform scientists and the public about the flu shots.

The company was ordered to pay Fitzgerald’s family $75.8 million.

Bienkowsk is the lead plaintiff in the case against Astrupcy, which filed the lawsuit in March, saying Fitzgerald’s estate was seeking more than $2 million in damages.

Fitzgerald’s sister, Diane Fitzgerald, said she was happy the jury decided Astrazeneth was negligent.

She said the company has a long way to go in repairing the damage to Fitzgerald’s reputation.

Fitzgerald’s mother, Ann Fitzgerald, is suing Astrazency for negligence and breach of contract for not providing a flu shot in time for Fitzgerald’s birthday.

As part of the lawsuit, Astrazenac must provide the names and addresses of the 4,100 researchers and researchers whose names are known or who contributed to its development of flu vaccines, according to the court documents.

Astrazenec said in court filings that it was not responsible for Fitzgeralds death and the jury found that Astrazenacy was negligent in failing to provide information about the development process of the vaccine.

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