Vaccine costs $1,400 per dose at Costco

BRIAN FISHER/REUTERS/REX/Shutterstock Costco’s “wholesale vaccine” section has been flooded with orders for the hepatitis C vaccine for the past several weeks, as demand for the expensive vaccine is soaring.

According to a Costco spokesperson, the hepatitis vaccine is priced at $1.50 per dose, which comes out to $1120 per month for the month of January.

A spokesman for the company told Business Insider the company has received an overwhelming amount of orders for these vaccines.

In response to this spike in demand, Costco recently announced a “whole package” price of $1 per dose for all vaccines, including those currently on the shelf.

The price has since been increased to $2.50 for the whole package.

In a statement provided to Business Insider, Costco said that the price increase is part of the company’s effort to offer consumers more choices, and “has nothing to do with the price of the vaccines.”

A Costco spokesperson told Business Insider that they have had an average of 1,500 orders per week for the week of January 17 through January 27, with a “strong uptick” in the number of orders on the day after Thanksgiving.

According in a Costco press release, the company “takes these issues very seriously and has been working with the FDA to ensure that consumers have access to the highest quality vaccine available, as well as vaccines that are the safest, most effective and most cost-effective for their health.”

Costco’s statement added that the “whys and wherefores” behind the price increases are unclear.

Costco spokesperson Michael Averick told BusinessInsider that “while we do not comment on the individual price of any product, the price we are offering in our wholesale vaccine section is a price we believe customers can afford.”

He also said that Costco has been in discussions with the federal government about how to regulate and regulate vaccines and “protect the public.”

Costco spokesperson Mike Hahn told BusinessWeek that the company is working to “develop a vaccine for Hepatitis C, including a vaccine that can be administered by injection, but is not currently on its shelf.”

According to, Costco’s vaccines are also on the shelves of many other grocery chains.

But they’re not the only ones.

According a CNN article published Monday, at least one major pharmacy chain is offering a hepatitis C vaccination for free, and another chain has offered free vaccines for people who can’t afford them.

According the article, at Costco, a package of hepatitis C vaccines cost $3.50, while the hepatitis B vaccine is $5.

The article also said the hepatitis A vaccine at Costco costs $2 per dose.

The hepatitis C package at Costco is also free, although a $4.95 hepatitis A package will also be available.

Costco’s spokesperson told The Wall Street Journal that the brand’s vaccine is not available in the United States, but that the manufacturer will make it available in Canada and the United Kingdom in the future.

Costco spokesman Mike Hahns told BusinessWatch that the drugstore chain “has had no issue with Hepatitics being sold at its stores,” adding that the vaccine is available at Costco in both the U.S. and Canada.

He also told BusinessTalk that the Costco vaccine is “available in the U, Canada and Australia.”

He said the company does not currently offer hepatitis C vaccinations at any other stores, but would like to.

The spokesperson said Costco has “always made sure that we have vaccines available for all of our customers.”

He added that Costco is committed to “working with the Food and Drug Administration to ensure vaccines are available to all people at no additional cost.”

The spokesperson also said Costco is “currently in the process of working with them to make sure that this vaccine is sold at Costco stores in the coming months.”

The article noted that Costco “is committed to ensuring that our vaccines are sold at our stores, and we are looking into ways to help the FDA do that.”

Costco also issued a statement to BusinessInsiders, saying that the hepatitis vaccines are “not on the Costco’s shelf at this time.”

The company also said it has not received any complaints from customers regarding the price hike.

The company said that its policy on hepatitis C is to allow all vaccines to be delivered free of charge to all of its customers.

It said that this includes vaccines purchased on the company website.

In an interview with Business Insider on Monday, Costco CEO Mike Haughton said that he is “confident” in “how Costco will treat hepatitis C patients.”

In the same interview, Haughtons statement said that “as we get more and more customers and our brand recognition grows, we’re going to continue to increase the prices of vaccines, and the cost of vaccines.”

The CEO said that at Costco “we will continue to work with the regulators to make vaccines available at all of the

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