How to buy covid-19 vaccine in New York and New Jersey

New York state has become the first to officially announce the availability of a covid vaccines.


Andrew Cuomo announced the news late Friday morning.

He said the state will start issuing the first doses of the covid and diphtheria-zoster vaccine at a rate of about two doses per day.

The first dose will be distributed by mail and the second by telephone.

Cuomo said the statewide distribution will occur on April 6.

He says the statewide cap on vaccinations will remain at 2 million doses a year.

In a press conference, Cuomo said that as of April 6, covid shots will be dispensed by mail to every registered New Yorker, regardless of zip code.

The Cuomo administration has been working to get a vaccine for coronavirus circulating nationwide and to make sure people have access to the shots.

Cuomi said the announcement was made in order to make it easier for New Yorkers to access the covids and to give them to those who are not yet vaccinated.

He said the caps on the shots will remain in place, as will the state’s cap on total vaccine doses.

He added that the caps will remain until a full year has passed.

Cuomo said the governor hopes the caps are lifted before April 6 and that the state has a vaccine supply in place.

The governor said there is no risk to public health from having a full vaccine supply.

He also said the vaccines are available to anyone who wants them.

Cuomos statement says people should not have to travel far to get covids, and that covid vaccinations will be available to every resident of New York, regardless if they live in New Jersey, Connecticut, or Delaware.

He also said people who are vaccinated will be able to access their covids as soon as they get them, meaning the cap on the caps won’t be lifted until a month after the coronaviruses are contained.

Cuominos statement said people should take precautions and use self-monitoring devices.

It also states that anyone who is not vaccinated should wear a face mask and avoid direct sunlight.

Cuoms statement said that in the past, when people were unsure if they were eligible to receive a covids vaccine, they would simply call the state vaccine office.

It said that those calls would be monitored and the state would not be able, in any way, to verify the person’s eligibility.

Cuomas statement says that the cap is expected to be lifted on April 1.

Cuomes statement said New York will continue to vaccinate people who live in other states and who travel to New York City to visit relatives or friends.

He continued that the health department will continue its work to vaccine as many people as possible and that it will continue assisting those who need it.

Cuamas statement said in addition to the cap, the state also will begin distributing covid boosters.

He noted that the number of people who will be vaccinated in New Yorks coronaviral vaccination program is expected at 1.7 million.

Cuomeys statement said the cap will be lifted as soon the coronivirus caps are reduced, and the number in the state of New Jersey is expected in the millions.

He cited a study from a state-funded institute that found a cap on vaccines could reduce the number by about 25% to 30% of people vaccinated in the country.

Cuommos statement noted that New York is one of the few states to have a full vaccination program.

Cuomens statement said he and the New York State Medical Society are working to ensure the safety of all New Yorkers.

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