How can you protect yourself against deadly flu vaccine?

Posted September 09, 2018 08:49:06 The flu vaccine is one of the most popular, and the one most widely available.

It’s been around since about 2005 and has been used in Australia since about 2007.

But the flu shot has been a problem for a long time.

The CDC recently published its annual flu vaccine safety report.

Read moreA major reason is that flu shots contain a small percentage of live viruses, which means that if the vaccine gets into the body too often, the vaccine can be very deadly.

This is what happened to one person in Australia last year.

The woman died on December 15, when she became ill after taking the flu vaccine.

She was diagnosed with pneumonia.

It’s rare for flu shots to be contaminated with live viruses.

That’s why there’s a special section on the website called ‘Contaminated’ where people can report any suspiciously contaminated vaccines.

That’s where the ABC’s health reporter, Dr Bambi McAlpine, will be.

What you need to know about the flu: The flu is a flu that is transmitted through the air, so it’s contagious from person to person.

The flu shot contains two types of viruses: the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine and the conjugate vaccine.

The human papilomaviruses (HPVs) can cause cervical and penile cancers.

There’s also a virus called the coronavirus that causes severe inflammation of the respiratory tract and can cause pneumonia.

The conjugates are the vaccines made with live vaccines.

You get them through your GP’s office.

The vaccines can contain a number of viruses that can cause serious side effects including: cough, sore throat, headache, fever, fatigue and a mild cough.

If you have a cold, the flu shots can be helpful in combating that too.

The vaccine can cause severe side effects and it is recommended that you get it as soon as possible after you get your first dose.

There are no flu shots for pregnant women, or anyone who is on a diet.

If you’re not sure whether you have the flu or not, or you’re worried you might, you should talk to your GP about it.

The flu shot is only available in the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, so you might be worried you may have missed a dose or have received the wrong one.

If you think you might have missed the flu, or that you were not vaccinated, you can still get the flu jab.

The jab costs about $95 and is available in pharmacies and community health centres.

It can be hard to tell if you have influenza because some people who have symptoms are just sick, or if they have symptoms that last longer than a day.

You should get tested if you think your symptoms might be related to the flu.

You can check if you’ve been infected with influenza in your area by visiting the Flu Helpline.

To find out how you can protect yourself from the flu in your community, visit the Australian Community Health Center website.

What you can do to protect yourself: The Australian Government says that people with chronic illnesses, particularly respiratory problems, who have a history of flu or pneumonia can safely use the flu vaccination schedule.

The National Health and Medical Research Council recommends that people who are already vaccinated for flu should continue to do so.

The AAP recommends that everyone over the age of 18 get vaccinated.

People who have chronic illnesses who are not currently vaccinated can continue to get vaccinated until they are no longer sick.

They can then receive their next dose at a pharmacy.

However, people who may be at risk for getting the flu are advised to take precautions, including: staying at home and taking steps to reduce the risk of spreading the virus to others.

If your health condition is chronic or has been diagnosed recently, you might also want to consider: talking to your doctor about your health history, and how to manage it.

You should also keep an eye on your weight and get checked for any signs of dehydration.

It is recommended to avoid working or travelling while you are ill.

The Australian Government has said that if you’re considering getting the vaccine, and are concerned you might not be up to date with your vaccination, it might be worth it.

However, it is strongly recommended that people not get the vaccine until they have been vaccinated and the vaccine has worked well.

If your condition is not as severe, you could still have an important flu jab and you should do what you can to get the right dose.

The ABC’s Dr Bammi McElpine has been following Australia’s flu vaccine in the lead-up to the pandemic.

She has been researching flu and vaccination issues in Australia.


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