Chickenpox vaccine, hepatitis B vaccine in the news

An influenza vaccine has been released by the Government for the first time in Australia, with some people being told to consider getting it.

Key points:The Government is releasing the chickenpox vaccination in partnership with the HLA-B9 gene-testing service, the National Vaccine Safety Commission (NVSC) and Australia’s national immunisation registerA chickenpox infection is the first known confirmed infection in Australia in about 2,500 yearsThe vaccine will be given to people who have received the flu vaccine but no other vaccines are availableThe vaccine has a wide range of benefits and is being released in collaboration with the National Immunisation Register (NIR), the national immunisations register.

The vaccine was first tested on children in January, but has not been approved by Health.

It will also be offered to people whose immune system is up to date with the current influenza strain.

The NIR says it is one of the most accurate, reliable and effective vaccines currently available in Australia.

“The results show that chickenpox vaccines have been safely tested and are safe and effective for immunisation in the majority of cases, with a lower risk of adverse events than current flu vaccines,” Dr Peter Ritchie, director of NIR, said in a statement.

“It also demonstrates that the vaccine has significantly lower risk for side effects than current influenza vaccines, including the rare but serious infection of pneumonia.”

If you have been immunised with the vaccine, you will be able to return to work as usual.

“Chickenpox is a severe respiratory infection caused by a virus called the coronavirus.

It can be deadly and can cause severe pain, fever and coughing.

The virus has been spreading in Australia since the mid-1990s and there are currently about 500 cases of chickenpox each year in Australia and about 10,000 people diagnosed with the virus each year.”

We are very proud of the progress we have made and will continue to work with other countries to find new, effective vaccines to reduce the incidence of chickenpox,” Health Minister Jill Hennessy said.

She said the government was also working with the Australian Medical Association and Australian College of Emergency Physicians to provide advice to people with concerns.”

There is no single answer to preventing chickenpox,” she said.”

A vaccine is a highly effective, well-tolerated, safe and cost-effective way of protecting people from the disease.

“But the best way to protect against chickenpox is to have an adequate immune response and prevent any infection at all.”

“The chickenpox outbreak is the largest in Australian history and we must continue to protect people from any and all diseases.”

Dr Ritchie said chickenpox vaccinations were being offered for people aged between 18 and 64 who had received the current flu vaccine.

“These people are already at high risk for developing chickenpox, and will need to continue to be immunised,” he said.

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