Caught on camera, California Gov. Gavin Newsom says Gov. Loesch is “not getting a chance” to respond to outbreak


Kevin de Leon on Friday defended the administration’s response to the California outbreak, saying he would “not begrudge” the administration the ability to respond.

De Leon’s comments came in response to questions from The Associated Press about what steps Gov.

Scott Walker and the state attorney general have taken in response.

Walker, the GOP presidential nominee, and De Leon have both accused the federal government of not doing enough to contain the coronavirus outbreak in California.

Walker has accused the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention of “not doing enough” to fight the spread of the virus in the state.

DeLeon has also criticized the Obama administration for not making enough of an effort to contain its own coronaviruses.

In his remarks, he said the outbreak is a public health emergency and the U.S. government has the right to respond “in a timely and effective manner.”

He also criticized Walker for his decision to withdraw from the U,S.

Senate race.

The outbreak has led to a national debate over how best to combat the spread.

The governors of both Texas and New York have announced plans to send their governors into the state to help fight the outbreak.

De Leon and Gov.

Andrew Cuomo have also announced they will lead efforts to provide emergency relief.

DeLuz says he would not begrudge the administration a chance to respondIn his interview with AP, de Leon said he would like to see the federal response scaled back, but that he was “not a critic of the president or the president’s actions.”

De Leon said in a separate interview with the Associated Press that the federal Government is “very, very good at coordinating, and we should be doing more of that.”

He said he did not think the Obama Administration had taken enough actions to prevent the spread and he added that he would continue to call for the state and federal governments to collaborate.

In a separate statement, the governor said he has “never been a fan of the federal authorities, but I have never doubted the resolve of the people of California and the people who live in our state.”

The governor has also called for a statewide ban on the sale of some vaccines and a stronger federal response.

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